Now Hiring for Client Servicing!!

Job Title: Account Manager/ Account Supervisor/ Account Director/ Client Services Director

Role: Client Servicing / Account Management

Location: Gurgaon/Mumbai/Bengaluru

Job Description:

  • Responsible for hand-holding clients journey in Digital media and be able to partner with them in growing the role of digital in marketing mix.
  • Responsible for providing strategic direction to Creative Directors on the digital strategy and its linkage to the clients overall brand and business goals.
  • Lead in assimilating client inputs and translating them into clear, actionable and inspiring briefs for the creative, media and tech teams.
  • Thought leadership in developing innovative and efficient Marketing programs and delivering them as per client requirements (objectives, budget, timelines).
  • Responsible for measuring and reporting impact of Digital programs and strategy to the clients at periodic intervals.
  • Responsible for people development and building a strong and motivated account management team.
  • Well organized, meticulous in approach & ability to work efficiently with various functions of the agency, client and marketing partners.
  • Understanding client requirements, discussing brand issues and communication strategies with the clients.
  • Co-ordination with all approved Vendors and internal departments.

Experience Required:

  • 3 – 10 years of relevant experience in interactive marketing/ advertising agency.
  • Education Qualification Required: Post Graduate Degree in Communication / Marketing will be preferred.

Candidate Profile:

  • Thinking out of the box
  • Presentation skill
  • Excellent Communication
  • Digital experience is must
  • Good understanding of digital marketing & brand communication
  • Should be well versed with digital marketing techniques, trends including social media.
  • Should have prior experience in leveraging digital media for engagement.


Industry standards

Send your CVs to if you think you fit the bill!

Fuzzy Duck.. Duckyy Fuzz.. FUCK the DUCK*!!

This is exactly how the Webchutney’s Servicing^ trip can be described best as… No one had any clue what to expect; as our Exec. Creative Director had shared this Art of Servicing book just a week before. Freshers suspected a viva.. well there was something else in store.. something more fun – THE FUZZY DUCK!!

So what is this Fuzzy Duck? Fuzzy Duck is what we would name this trip where all the different avatars of Chutneyites came oozing out!

The trip started with the happiest looking faces on the 5th floor& of Webchutney Bombay** office. The happiness could easily be compared to the ones you see on POW’s faces when they are released after years of relentless torture. It definitely was the most enthralling experience for them seeing us out by 5pm. So there we go. Nishi Kant – our Executive Creative Director – The man responsible for stuffing me with all the ladies on our way to lonavala(not that I am complaining :P) – it actually made onlookers wonder what a player I was when we got out of the car for a leak-break. I’m loving it!!

Our Chutney brings all the boys to the yard

So you have probably read this about us recently.Here is our official response.
Over the last decade or so we have made WebChutney into something we are all very proud of. We have built an impressive client roster (Airtel, Coca Cola, MasterCard, Unilever to name a few), our talent is fantastic (,webchutney8217s-8216y-loo8217-wins-yahoo-8216agency-hack8217-contest.aspx) and we are growing like a virus ( So naturally, all the boys are in the yard. And we are loving it. Its great fun being the prettiest girl in the room, all the compliments, the wooing, we are thrilled that we are finally getting the respect we have worked hard to earn. The thing is though, this has been happening for quite a while. Of course we all go on a few dates with every one of our suitors because all of them are pretty amazing. It is an honor to be considered by the biggest agency networks in the world. But it is too early for us to take a decision & settle down.

So don’t believe everything you read in the news about us. When we are ready to make a commitment we all shout it out from the rooftops. Meanwhile, watch our latest sexy move. <>

Shit Sheetal Says

When our one-of-a-kind Creative Director, Sheetal Vanwari, decided to try out new things in life after rocking a 2 year stint at Webchutney Mumbai, we decided to guilt her into staying by showing her how much she's rubbed off on us.
A bit too much…
Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are most definitely manly. Any resemblance to Sheetal Vanwari, talking or singing, is purely coincidental and must be followed by a like for the video.

Lakme ups the glam quotient on social for its Fashion Week

Lakme, the beauty product brand from the Hindustan Unilever stable, has been quite bullish on digital media in recent times. The brand has taken to social media in a big way for its flagship property, Lakme Fashion Week Winter/ Festive 2013.

The social media campaign has been executed by Webchutney. Commenting on the campaign brief, Meghana Bhat, Executive Creative Director, Webchutney said,For Lakme Fashion Week, the brief required us to get the audience to participate and experience the Fashion Week in real-time with live updates, backstage footage and content that would engage and bring out the entire event in a unique manner.

She further said, We decided to involve three key social media to achieve the same Facebook, Twitter and Vine. The six-second Vine videos enabled us to provide the right amount and quality of content to give Lakme followers a glimpse into everything that goes on at the Fashion Week and we were pleasantly surprised with the response we received.

Exchange4media takes a look at how the three-phased campaign unfolded.
To read about the campaign in detail, click here.

From Samosas to Sushi!

Knock Knock! Who's there? The Japanese. The Japanese who? The Japanese who think you are very pretty. Ha ha. This is a delightful joke. Let us explain why. As of 23rd May 2013, Webchutney, the digital agency you keep hearing about is now part of the Dentsu India Group. Insert drum roll, lightbulb dancing moves and a spirited rendition of We are the Champions!

We know the industry has heard about this brewing acquisition over the past several months, it nonetheless gives us great pleasure in formally announcing our association with Dentsu India. Seriously, it's going to be amazing.
First some facts, Dentsu has acquired 80% stake in us which means we are now free to monkey around for the remaining 20 percent of our time and energies. Also, we will continue to operate independently under the current queen and country. However, this acquisition gives us a whole new world of rock solid support, leadership and direction, much like that protein and vitamin shot that goes into an already delicious banana strawberry and mango smoothie.
Sudesh has this to say, “サディッシュサマリア、私たちの 敵国立クリエイティブディレクターは、れが侍の戦士になるための軍隊のための絶好の機会であると考えてます。確かに、上司。 (C'mon, you know we had to)
Wait, wait. Sidharth also needs to say a few words. Now in verbatim, ” I'm insanely overjoyed and totally blissed out about this acquisition, it feels like the last ten years have been building up to today, and we really couldn't have found a better partner for obsessively shaping the digital industry in India. I do want to send a heartfelt thank you to Sarbvir Singh and the team at Capital 18 for believing in us at a time when we needed it most. He has been the mentor everyone deserves.”
All right, now you know what we have been up to and don't forget, we told you first after sealing the deal. Thanks for always sticking by us! Now we have to go, all that champagne isn't going to drink itself. We think this is also a good time for a sushi lunch for 200!

The ‘Age’ Old Battle

Why I can’t stand urban 20- somethings

by Meghana Bhat, ECD

This probably makes me sound like an old disgruntled person envious of the age, beauty and promise of immortality that these kids wear on their sleeves or skinny jeans. Well, obviously I am, and I am going to go right ahead and rant (yes, kids this is how that feels!) Sure, growing up in the sunshine of India’s millennium boom must have been nice. Children of yuppies, living in a time of plenty, of great possibility, these kids have it all. Brands love them, economists love them (demographic dividend and all that) and of course they love themselves. But I am not sold. Maybe because I work so closely with their kind, I have become wise to their entitled ways. Yeah, yeah… they are not all bad, but I have identified a few choice specimens who tick me off on a daily basis.

1. The Indian Hipster: Less than 5% body fat, skinny jeans and nerd glasses and of course an iPod full of indie Indian music is the hipster trend has arrived in India. Except that rejection of mainstream culture is apparently translates to exact copying of the ideal of the American hipster. While we are on the subject, somebody please kill Bollywood kitsch.

2. The I am awesome because I exist believer: There should be a law that limits how much one person can believe in himself. Agency heads, you know what I am talking about. The Give me a promotion because I have actually managed to not get fired for an entire year types. Or the 20-something intern complaining about i am being undervalued/ . Reminds me of a joke by the great comedian Louis Hey 20-year-old, we know your job sucks, that is why we gave it to YOU!

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