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Ah! Yeah! Mwah

Hullo hullo. I will, this time, refrain from further falling off the otherwise very responsible sounding occupational echelon that I sit upon by producing yet another ode. Instead, let me serve it straight up this time as unlike last time, I was present at the scene along with most of the WC mad hatters. And what a scene it was! Masses of drunken bodies roamed and oft collided in the specially constructed little village on the beach in attire which would make the pope reconsider his options in a collective state of surreal stupor! Vigorous limb movement inducing music echoed around and the air was repeatedly pierced by “Oh my f***** god, I haevn’t seen you in ages!!” and some such voices! Russian fire dancers would suddenly apparate out of nowhere followed by salivating males around them! Alcohol was tossed high in the air before being turned into absolutely free concoctions for all! Right, okay, enough. I think you get the picture.

Mild confusion prevails over the number of dolphins that have waded into the little red corner of our conference room where all the other assorted shapes and characters which make up our awards showcase are housed. However, I’m happy to declare that a minimum of four and a maximum of five dolphin type trophies were recieved on 22nd april on a beach in Goa at Goafest 2007. The dacoits got gold, daddu went silver while Chitthi and Aao bagged a bronze each. My, wouldn’t the real dolphins like to know about their colorful friends doled out as metal at award shows.

Anyhoo, in between fleeting glimpses of the fauj running up and down the stage and rest of us cheering and jumping around on lower ground and following it up with free food and alcohol, it was a bloody good show.
We are all back now and the sights have been set and fingers have been crossed over those pretty pencils and lordly lions which are given out at the big daddy award shows. Here’s to more odes then! Oh, for a change, no one managed to take any pictures of the half a dozen faujis who went onstage, twice, coz the buggers were too busy posing for cameras that did not belong to us so I shall have to look around a bit before I can put some here. Which I will.

Grandpa goes grand

Here’s my ode to our first international win at Adfest Singapore for Daddu Ki Amanat, the mad ass viral and game led campaign we did for Perfetti.

By the way, none of us went to Thailand for the ceremony even though one of the offices is sitting right next to what can be now only be imagined as an enchanting beach where the trophy must have been given away before everyone passed out while watching dancing nymphets in grass skirts. Sigh.

Here Goes..

Precious metal came our way
from a land land far far away
it ain’t no gold nymphet
neither is it tall
In my opinion, adfest must have run out of money
and so produced this mini bowling ball
I must stop the cribbing now
it is a feat none too small
Here’s to Prabhat and his motely crew
time to flash your strong teeth
three cheers to you all!
Daddu and Vijay are now pretty famous..
who knew they would chew some gum
and bring us glory in a ball!

That’s that. We won quite a while ago but I’ve just been waiting for the trophy to reach before I could do a post with a shiny picture attached. Please note when excitement piles up, occurences of rhyming odes to a trophy have been observed before. It can happen to anyone.
crystal ball of the future

Take The Power Back

We have a lot of never ending conversations about what to do next after JuxtConsult. And whenever we look around, there are a gazzalion mediocre attempts we find in the online space. For all the excitement the medium holds, most ideas we see in India simply disappoint.

So then, Vikram Gahlot, myself, John Pathrose, Saket Vaidya, Mustafa, Roopesh and two ex-Webchutney ladies are at Toto’s. Some discussing CTR’s on Adsense, some, the state of blogging in India, and others, the lovely ladies at the bar.

After the Tata Bye Byes, Vikram heads back to office to team up with Nishi to create a masterpiece that will inspire us to do something about the mediocrity that we forgot to discuss at Toto’s.

We hereby release the propaganda with a salute to Vikram and Nishi. We pledge to Take The Power Back.

Don’t forget to turn on the speakers on your box.

Hello, welcome and this is not as yet Sparta..

Hi. I’m Nidhi, I am gainfully employed at Webchutney and I’ll be one of your sources of information on this blog.

Yeah, that didn’t sound so good. No matter, I had to introduce myself and now that’s been taken care of, let us get to the point. Which is that, this is the spanking shining swinging new blog of Webchutney, the agency. Was that articulate? I think so too. See we already have a “corporate” blog (Yes, I shall continue to refer to that in quotes until I am informed that we are now a socially responsible ten thousand strong organisation with a hundred thousand offices) but we got sort of bored of it and shifted here because this is slick. Sooo slick. (Insert Header art high five with Saket)

I am, these days, negotiating with Sidharth, CEO to guest blog here but his ear is busted right now and he seems to be unable to hear me. Or is ignoring me as usual. I shall prevail however.

Saket, Social Media Analyst, will also join me on this blog. I sure as heck do not know what he wants to tell us after infesting blogland with his numerous other typing pads but let’s reserve judgment till his first post shall we? Yes, Saket, Kapish.

Now what do I have to say? A lot if you had the patience but I doubt that you do so I’ll stick to adventures, trips, idiosyncrasies, birthdays, food, astonishingly inscrutable lingo and some such. Evolution of WC shall be documented. Right here. I think I’ve blown the patience bit already. Before remorse makes me go and drink yet another coffee, I’m now going to stop.
See you pretty soon. I’ve got things to report!