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The show must go on and it does!

The saga of the orphan agency and the evil MCD continues. I mean, seriously, there is no end to this drama. I know a lot of blog space has been devoted to this but I promise this episode is worth it. So the other day, the land sharks came knocking on the office next door. The suckers might have got sealed. We won’t know. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you.

It started with switching off the reception lights, you know.. to go undetected if the sealers climbed up the first floor of 7, uncle singh’s estate and discovered humans running an agency on illegal land! Next, the monitors went off on a perfectly normally functioning day. Then, we were told to stay put, avoid all movement including loo trips lest the flush alert the sealers about our existence! Then, the fans went off and then the office lights. You would think the plague is upon our door. Watchmen prowled in the lane leading upto the building keeping an eye on each and every sealers’ movements. Even the competent COO looked quite clueless. How do I hide fifty people without killing them, he wondered. Half an hour later, back to work.

I tell you, sitting there observing the moves of the cunning agency as all work was suspended is every Dilbert’s dream. It was the best WTF moment of all time. It truly was. The best WTF half an hour, actually. Heh. Up next, actual eviction? Stay tuned!

On another note, a lot of our Harry Potters haven’t arrived and we are very upset. Very bummed out. Yeah yeah, we have the pdfs all right but we want the tome. We really do. Sigh.

Back To The Back Of Beyond

And even before we could haul our keyboards over our shoulders and look menacingly at the sealing notice and mutter we shall be back, we were. Dang! No drama there. One day we were gone and two sanitation lacking weeks later we are back to the beloved office. Back to explaining to autos that Saidulajaib (yes, our dilli office is located in a place named that and if you cannot say that name no matter how hard you try, we will still make a website for you) is indeed in Delhi. This is a story I must tell you soon. Do remind me, feed readers. Anyhoo, without digressing again, so we were forced to vacate this abode by the evil yet faceless MCD. After pondering upon our fate from the underground, uncle Keher Singh informed the management that imminent danger had passed and we could go back to our schmoozing ways from this part of town. So we have. This is a bit like Noah's ark, I tell you. God aka MCD tells Noah aka management that the storm of eviction was upon the world aka Webchutney's self obsessed egomaniacal universe and that two each of its kind aka two of all the faujis should be sheltered in the ark aka the looless underground bunker. So in go all the creatures of the agency, sit it out and finally emerge, shiny and being able to move their limbs normally again. I reckon a few of the creatures of the agency would have had permanent bowel damage if the storm would have lasted the original 40 days and 40 nights. Disgusting, I know.
P.S: It is very insulting to have to run to McDonald's each time. And to Cafe Coffee Day at others. Ignominy knew no lim t, I tell you.

Superman and ye others, eat dirt!

viral man

To put it in perspective, it all started with his pretty face appearing right under Piyush Pandey’s on the cover page of Brand Reporter which must have sold a lot more issues this time around. The publication decided to confer the title of viral man on him, though I personally think viral maker is cooler. The forward flu spreader is another option from my stable. Superman, I do apologise for this flagrant and perhaps illegal occupation of your suit but our viral hero did look really iffy in Batman’s tights.

And, ladies, he is married. So paws off. His Lois Lane is much prettier.

Oh, on occasions like these, I generally do odes and indeed I started on one for this but I’ll refrain from totally screwing up this post.