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Rumor has it. And has it good.

p class=”MsoNormal”>You know you have arrived when the company you started is surrounded by wow, really type rumors and you are the last one to hear about them. Recently, Sidharth Rao aka the boss man came to know about a rumor like that. He had quit webchutney. The story came trickling in as he leisurely renewed his acquaintance with the Delhi office in his hitherto unseen busy stint as CEO. It went that the cubicle dweller next to me recieved a call from the web hosting company which asked her in wide eyed wonder if Sidharth has quit. She politely replied she had said hello to him that very morning and he didn’t seem to be online casino waving goodbye to anyone. How I feel for the web hosting fellow who was tricked out of his rumor mongering thunder. The same Ripley’s believe it or not question was asked of a couple of more people during the day. Curiosity grew. The CEO was informed of his actions while he was trying to find out whether so many new people around the office actually worked there. Rahul, COO was observed wandering around the place while asking people but my dear fellow how can the founder quit and things like that. He was secretly delirious with joy because he happens to be the next in throne. Like we couldn”t tell. As it goes with rumors no one really quite knows where this one began from. Eventually, Sidharth was nice enough to tell us that he would let us know before he decides to make a run for it.

What a waste of a good rumor. Bah.

P.S: The lack of the usual excitement and frolic wasn”t helping hence the absence of the blog post cum drivel. I apologize. I”m sure the feedburner has come down to zilch, not that I have the heart to look. Sigh. Can someone leave a comment and tell me the magic number please?

wham bam thank you spam!

Today I'd like to talk about a few good things which come for free with the agency business. Of course a lot of this stuff comes free with other businesses too but this is our story, all right! Plus excuse me while I throw some bad attitude and say that what do others know about exploiting the web like we do. High five with the next cubicle dweller. The internet (yes, we do get a bit too much of that actually), Youtube, Orkut, Facebook, Santabanta ( I tell you those jokes are popular for some reason!), odd news of the world, illegal music download among downloading of that shall not be named and spam. Yes spam. I say if you can't fight them, join them. There's no escaping spam around here. You start the morning email deluge and an astonishing amount of it is spam and while attempting to get rid of it over the years, I have now started to pay attention to it. Oh quit wrinkling the nose and giving me the WTF look. Let me explain, let me explain. Spam is probably one of the funniest and persistent content content streams in the universe. And yet the spammers carry on holding the bright torch of creativity and wordplay and visual imagery! The stuff being pedaled is the same really. The blue pill for the boys, the replica watches for the cheapskates, the happy websites for the boys mostly and those wierd one line friendship requests which sound like martians write them in the absence of any love back home. Oh and lots of pirated software for cheap too. And the creativity dude. The wordplay. The mind boggling analogies. The poetic smut invitations. For the non believers, here's some proof.

Now as I write this I shall have to be discreet here because, well I'll be fired if I copy paste and then who will bring you the joys of the agency business?? No no, I couldnt do that to you. Never! So please to have a look at this abridged gems.

  • “Have more fun with our manpower candies”  Whoa.
  • “She will love you more than anyother guy.”   You go dog! Precise eh?
  • “My girl loves the new me.”    See, soul of brevity, these wonderful people.
  • “Hello! I am bored today. I am nice girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at only, because I am writing not from my personal email. I want to show you some pictures.”   Chat AND pics?!?! Thank you sweet god.
  • “Photoshop! Acrobat! Dreamweaver! Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!” we don't have our own pirated copies. Bugger off.
  • “Our specially designed replics look exactly like their highly expensive brand prototypes. Sometimes even the professional aren't able to tell the difference from the real one! Buy now!”   You betcha my friend, after all anything for my carefully nurtured fake vanity.
  • “This is a limited time offer, 15% off in our luxury watches:
    Rolex, Omega, Breguet, Breitling, Bvlgari, and many others.
    The price is affordable, but no one needs to know.”
    Of course, of course, except the ten thousand other people you spammed. Rock on.
  • “Ever felt like you don't measure up? Then click now.”   Nice touch. Hit it where it hurts.

You might not admit it now but spam has its own charm. Go read some and come back here and tell us some more of this good stuff. Bet I could change your mind. After all, you don't want to be an average guy any longer! Yep, that's the most common title of the world's favorite spam.

Saidulajaib ka Jalwa

We work in Saidulajaib. S-A-I-D-U-L-A-J-A-I-B. Here's a few responses to this workplace which magically conjures up eternal sunshine for the spotless minds everyday. It mostly starts with the concerned people wanting to come down to the office and innocently asking for directions.

Us: Saket red light. Take right. Turn left. Will see board welcoming you to Garden of five senses. Turn in. See bunch of buildings. Oh yeah the address is blah blah blah. The area is called Saidulajaib.

Them: 5 second silence. Umm..where is this? Ahead of saket?

And a few more of the same. Please continue reading.

Can you spell that please?
Hahahahahaha. Sorry. So how do we reach this place?
You work out of a garden?!?!
Said what/who??
Sayed Ullajab?
Said ul hisaab?
Hmm, is it possible for you to come to our office?

The autowallahs are the best though. So you walk upto them and inquire whether they would want to take you to Saidulajaib. Pause. The Joey look of extreme confusion. “Yeh kahan hai madam? Dilli main hai??” Then ensues repeated attempts to try and say the name correctly. Finally for the lack of another passenger, the guy dejectedly agrees to take you there. It usually ends with the final look of surprise when he discovers that you and other people actually work this far out. I personally love the challenge, you know. I count everyday the number of autos that refuse to go to saidulajaib and make lists. It's a defense mechanism, I think.

I now invite readers (gives the joey look..) to share their version and vision of Saidulajaib with us and take this garbled list into the hallows of the “What's That Place Called!!” list.