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Capital18 falls for Webchutney, invests in with love and cash

Webchutney, your friendly neighborhood digital agency is happy to tell all that it has come into good stash of cash from Capital18, the venture capital arm of Network18. By a good stash we mean, a lot of pretty pretty zeroes. Business has been great, clients are happy while the growth and all that jazz goes well too.The extra dough is simply an opportunity to continue to rock on as we do. We get the fact that means of online engagement get radical by the day and we have to catch up. There is no other way to keep the missus (clients!) and the brood (consumers) happy except by creating eye popping, wow inducing work all the way. The investment is our family ticket to the digital Disneyland. We want the best people and the fanciest arsenal and that’s what we are going after with the money. Oh yeah and shining glory and our own studio where all our awesome in house talent can get jiggy with it is also on the cards. Yay!

We have been a little concerned with all the uncomfortable pressure as the big five stakeout independent outfits like ours. The agency stuck to its guns until we met Capital18. This investment does take that annoying stress off and we are thoroughly relieved.

As the people of the agency look forward to a swankier than Google office and dream of spending their free time in bone melting massage chairs, these are a few thoughts from mission control…

Sarbvir Singh is the MD of Capital18. He loved us. Hence, the generous transfer of zeros. “These eccentric agency guys melted my heart. I had to give them the cash. We sealed the deal with a jaadu ki jappi.” Mr. Singh was found telling.

Sidharth Rao, CEO, Webchutney is truly happy with the deal. He and his creation get to stay absolutely free from any iffy new rules and demands and retina scans. However, the real reason for his joy stems from the fact that he does not have to acquire a single new piece of formal clothing and his trademark silver necklace can stay as well. The people of Capital18 do not seem to mind. He was unavailable for comment, guess someone will draft a formal statement soon.

The agency's National Creative Director, Sudesh Samaria is also pretty kicked. More money means more creative crazies in the office and a lot more people to boss. That Capital18 is in love with Webchutney's work and their team played a Chidya Udi together game with Sudesh when introduced to him cemented their bond like nothing else could. A bigger better and meaner creative team means more trips to Goa for the NCD. He has come to enjoy walking in to award ceremonies in his shorts and flip flops and collecting a lot of shiny trophies.

Rahul Nanda, Chief Operating Officer is just smiley. He now gets to lord over his empire of operations in style. He says, “If the digital advertising industry was the moon then I want to be its Neil Armstrong. Sarbvir is too nice to let us borrow his space shuttle of course.” Okay, so Rahul is happy. He's swell, he stays master and commander. Never mind that little gobblydook quote.

Mission control will obviously take time to chill out. And get those massage chairs. Damn.

Ps: Oh yes! We aren’t talking about the numbers involved in the ‘deal’ for now. But they are nice.

For you media types….

Webchutney Press Contact: Nidhi Dewan, , Ph: +91 9811973230

About Capital 18

Capital18 is the venture capital and private equity arm focused on making investments in media, entertainment and technology ventures and is a part of Network18. Network18 is one of India's leading full play media conglomerates with interests in television, internet, filmed entertainment, mobile content and allied businesses. Capital18 focuses on catalyzing ventures that drive or benefit from the convergence of media, communications and technology. Capital18 aims to be the partner of choice for emerging businesses with its practical approach to venture investments and an experienced team that can take quick decisions.

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Le aayenge, uncle ke puttar dulhaniaya le aayenge!!

Kehar Singh uncle”s puttar is getting married. Tomorrow. Now, could we ask for a more joyous occasion? Nope. Never. Not in our wildest dreams. Diwali pales in comparison. We are so excited we can”t sit still, we can”t concentrate. The persistent dhol baje.. dhol baje.. dhol baje.. outside the building is almost wrecking with our digestion. We sit, type and tap our feet to it. Considering not many of us will get a shot at matrimony, we are giving this one all we have. Saidulajaib shines in the brightness of a thousand lights. After all, what is an electricity bill when uncle”s own blood is walking the aisle. Nothing doing mister.

Anyway a couple of cronies have been suddenly descending upon us com – the number one source to play free slots for fun online. and thrusting wedding invitations in our hands and in that oh so subtly menacing tone, demanding we dance in the baraat and eat paneer and naan with reckless abandon. I don”t think anyone is going. Except Sidharth maybe. It”s a clan thing. Don”t ask.

P.S: The groom is Vikas and the blushing bride to be is Seema. The baraat goes from here to Nangloi. What do you care? You don”t. Okay, okay I was just wasting your time. Sue me. And the wall”s been put down. Not for us. For the baraat. Cheers!