Monthly Archive for December, 2007

Ho ho ho from Webchutney Bangalore

Happy to report Christmasy events from the Bangalore office. Yes, we do have people working there. Now they are slightly more normal than the hopelessly weird ones here at Delhi, hence the lack of regular coverage. But not anymore. The guys down under had some fun yesterday. Here's a little showcase..

christmas image


Merry Christmas from Santa Ji and us!

Santa Ji left this photo of his in one of our stockings. Merry christmas folks!

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Not so politically correct but well meaning CEO Speak

This is from the CEO himself. It hangs in the reception at the delhi office. Well he does like to do things differently. Gotta give him that. And for just this once I'm not even going to bother with the commentary. The little blur was too colorful for public consumption so please to excuse. Rest..are the bottom of my heart type feelings from bossman.



Making goodie bags out of lemons!

Our campaign for 7up, Milega Green Signal, just won the Yahoo Digital Showcase contest. No shiny trophy this time but hey..goodie bag cometh! Yay and here's a huge round of applause for the team!

The winning campaign is here:

The ensuing love has been displayed here:
And since we feel gooey about Lemon Bureau of Investigation, our newest campaign for 7up, you can have a look at it here:

Now if only the litte nagging issue of “fair” goodie bag distribution could be fixed. In this office everything is fair in love, war and acquisition of free things. And goodie bags figure very high on the list of free things we all must acquire. I know..freeloaders:)