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Take off with AirChutney

The airline is Rahul’s idea. Him being our feisty Yana Gupta type of mascot was Bombay team’s idea! Coming soon! Will only fly to Goa. For now..


P.S: The authenticity of those legs cannot be vouched for at this time. Confirmation is awaited.

In which we proudly display cheesy creativity..

A certain Miss Behl who has been around at the agency for a while recently decided to move on and in tradition with tradition we went and got a couple of cakes for her farewell. But lest you think that cakes around here believe in simply wishing the person a happy budday, anniversary, baby, farewell and so couldn’t be farther from the truth. No, never, nope, nothing doing, nosir just the idea of having a cake without deep spiritual lofty meanings in icing is vile to us. Vile I tell you, VILE! After all the entire point of wasting ten hours a day in brainstorming sessions is to develop such an acute sense of creativity that it manifests itself into every step we take, every move we make and that type of sustained agency business. And cake creativity somehow always soothes our brains.

So presenting, without any further ado, the cakes of the farewell.

Now now what do we have here? Oh cmon, all you lovers of pun. Just think of the lady’s last name which I so cleverly mentioned in the beginning of this post.

(Waits patiently for a shred of understanding to dawn.) (Waits some more..)

Fine. FINE. I’ll explain it then. See her name is Miss Behl and the popular saying goes “baal baal bach gaye” or “hair hair are saved” for the hindi challenged ones. And hence this is just a witty morphing of Baal baal with Behl Behl.So now we are rid of Miss Behl and we couldn’t have been more fun about it.

See! See? See? See?? You don’t right? Sigh. Let’s try again..

All right, now pay attention here folks. Actually I wouldn’t come after you with a mallet if you can’t. Stupid Nirulas messed with our lovely thought here. We, in a display of such subtle word play asked the cake guy to write “jaa behl ab kisi aur ko maar” or go Behl hit someone else now after being inspired from “aa bel mujhe maar” or come ox hit me!! If bel is not Ox then excuse me. Heh. Boy, was she lady in scenario impressed!

Hence proved beyond doubt that we are the most creative interactive agency in the country. Or the world for all you know. Hell, Martians couldn’t compete with us.

A happy new year is..

..when the management sponsors a pizza party where 26 pizzas and a ton of garlic bread and a copious amount of soda are consumed the day after new years’. And no one bothers to take a picture for this blog because everyone was too busy stealing the pepperoni pizza which happened to be in short supply!! But then pizza happens to be complete wholesome food and I can’t hold the not picture taking against anyone. Oh then, for some reason that is not clear to me till now, money was gifted to people. Yep just like that. A bunch of lucky buggers happened to have their names drawn out of a paper bag and were handed money. Agencies get loopy the day after people return from drunker revelry I think.

Anyhoo, It was a good start. Happy new year to you too!

P.S: Slice of Italy has a lot to thank us for.