Monthly Archives: March 2008

In which we toil for the advancement of the agency business

Presssssenting YeshRaj productions. Our way smarter, way funnier and so much less emotionally unstable version of the makers of the three hour long crying fests. Tali bajao! This looking into the crystal ball production features Prabhat, the viral man, who was here before. His greatness is too great to not share with the world kyonki banda yeh bindaas hai. We sure can't find him most of the day but we strongly feel the agency business deserves many many more of such sons of is indeed about time.


Stay tuned as YeshRaj Productions promises entertainment galore!

It’s all about our people..

..and how nice we are to them. Especially in times of need, in times of trouble. When compassion and support is what our people need, we give it to them. Work for us and you'll see. Bask in the warm fuzzy glow of the agency love.


I found these last night while passing by the gentleman's desk. Couldn't resist it:) I am yet to find out who's the brain behind this piece of work but hey, thanks a lot! Not much fun around here lately. But then I can always count on someone to change that!

P.S: That cast is supposed to come off today. What could be a better tribute to his month long misery. Didn't I tell you, we are all about the people:P

But hey, before someone goes and blasts us for having hurt the feelings or something like that, he was picked and dropped everyday AND we all took turns to heat his food for him AND he got the royal chair to sit in AND all the brainstorming sessions were brought to him among other such ands. We are nice benny lava!

Not your average Tutankhamen find but still!

Things found in the old WC office in Bombay when we moved out..


And the things that those things inspired..


New office pictures soon. There's an inbuilt suicide point in the new office too! Karo Ya Maro was the single most important criteria when they were scouting locations for the new office. My top secret research into employee efficiency levels in the bombay office is on. Report soon!

I know I know lots of soon there but I am running around town now that Goafest is upon us and we are after glory. Patience dear invisible readers of the WC blog, be back soon!