Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Whiteboard confessionals!

three lil things

First there were three happy heads


And then..we eated them! Just another day at the conference room whiteboard.

P.S: In public interest and at Raj from Yeshraj”s special request, I”m no longer pimping their creations to the world. I for one like them but the public is bored. So we do what we do and we do not bore the public anymore.

In which the agency business pulls a chak de!

This..I'm damn well proud do excuse me while I go lurk around and threaten the plastic offenders..



In which the agency business gets murkier..


And those among us who possess neither of those are still trying to figure out our special status in the sweatshop! So much for office politics..tch tch:)

This enlightening piece of information about the agency business is brought to you in association with YeshRaj Productions.