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Webchutney is making years worth of classified files relating to its internal office workings freely available to the public.

On Wednesday, the Webchutney Management has decided to begin a year long project to transfer the files to the public domain, which will post them for public perusal.

The project is a response to numerous Freedom of Information (FOI) requests about Webchutneys internal operations, or WIO's, that have been filed over the years. Mainul Haka, our Chief Security Officer for over 6 years, called the release “a great day for open corporate goverenance and freedom of information”.

mainul haka, chief security officer

When complete, the WIO files will contain some 100 Webchutney-related files from 1999 to date, representing the single largest release of records in the history of the digital industry.

The reports range from mysterious to downright bizarre.

“There really are many strange phenomena in the company, and these are invariably reported by rational people,” Mainul Haka said in his closing remarks. “But there is a wide range of natural explanations to account for such phenomena.”

The first release titled the “commitment of the Delhi Branch Staff” is a study recorded secretly by Mainul Haka himself over the last 10 days. It categorizes staff according to business operations and attempts to highlight the effort in the given reccessive environment.

Below is the executive summary the findings:

Mainul when reached for comments said “Its obvious, apart from the Airtel Team and Tech Team, rest of them can be categorized as perhaps the “Saaale Nikaame” category. He did request the Branch head be an exception because of obvious reasons.

Anyway, we are taking this opportunity to showcase some of the Webchutney Delhi Warriors who work day and night to deliver commitments and protect the webchutney nation and ofcourse are Mr Hakas favorites .

There is a lot more coming up, tell everyone and watch this space.

The world is ours!


Posting a snip and a link to our work for Gillette, arguably the best piece of work conceptualized and produced by us! Lots of flash vlash and rocket science scripting and all that. From the Office in Andheri West, Mumbai!

When I was first informed about this (at a concept stage a month back), my feedback was:
- It would take a pretty cool client to approve it. So I would be mighty impressed if we can make the client bite.
- It would take a very very skillful execution to make it happen.

Looks like its Tick and then another Tick.

Gillette - Be a Winner

The outcome is here! We are surely proud of this stuff! Wish us luck to raise the bar further.

On another note, I am sure, our ex-colleague Saurabh Mathur who is now a Flash Engineer at Slideshare would be proud of us! He was one of the first action scripting evangelists in Webchutney…

Anyway, feedback is surely welcome!

Ps: just in case you start thinking that this is now the webchutney mumbai blog, will report live from the world headquarters in Delhi very soon.

Of wallpapers and feminism

A client services person (identity withheld intentionally) at Mumbai just forwarded me this picture to go up on the blog.

The person didnt tell me the actual 'reason' to post it, so i guess i will just introduce the subject of this picture. Meet Kedar Nimkar, star creative guy (the dude who did the new Kingfisher Airlines UX recently), casual photographer and with great taste in women is featured below next to his fancy workstation.

(Kedar – When you see this, dont be pissed and do forward me the wallpaper mate!)

On a side note, Just as i write this, i am thinking, maybe we will see some feminist sort of reactions from people who may read the blog (not sure how many still are, the urchin acct has been acting up). But i am no mood to think of any of that right now. I will take my chances.

i do remember reading that its possible that one “one almost can’t be a feminist without being anti pornography. Oh, and that lesbians who don’t hate porn probably aren’t lesbians.”

(Disclaimer – reminding everyone – I didnt say that, but surely found it hilarious…)


And while we are on the subject, have you seen the Ali G video on feminism. Buwahahahahahaha!

F**k!, its 2009 already!

Ever since our communications “agent” Nidhi left to pursue her london dreams we forgot about the blog. Its hard to replace a founder they say, and the fab job she was doing raised the bar so high that no one wanted to touch the task (that includes me).

Today is a lazy saturday evening, and i was googling webchutney (self obsessed that we all are, this is one of my favorite passtimes) and bumped into the blog link. Realized its been left high and dry. Quickly retrieved the password from our legendary prince of technology (more than darkness as he likes to be referred to) and logged into see 24 comments waiting to be approved…. what a disaster!

Anyway, this is an 'cardiopulmonary resuscitation' attempt to revive our social face! Welcome back. I am the CEO and proud (occassionaly pompous) co-founder of this company and I am taking charge of the blog that nidhi mostly built with some contributions from Saket.

First things first – Dont compare my stuff with nidhi's quirky writing skills, and yeah Saket and his pals from mumbai office style.

I am also going to try and get more of us from the agency involved to contribute a bit more. with the number of people i spot on daily on the terrace in mumbai, staircase of the delhi and bangalore office smoking and whiling time away gossiping about our mismanagement and slumdog millionaire sort of stuff, at the onset, it looks like we have tonnes of candidates.

more later!