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While the Cat’s away the Mouse will play…

Question of the

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Day…what was Jayesh upto last night?? Pls help solve this mystery…post your thoughts…


Naachna Mana Hai!

'Absurd dance sequences' seem to be a general issue with Webchutney's senior management.
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This is a genuine plea from all chutney employees to all our annadatas….PLS STOP DANCING!!!

For those who don't believe me – pls view the evidence below.

P.S – Don't miss

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our CEO's facial expressions….Priceless!!!…deserves some serious admiration. :)


Some serious stuff – A discussion paper on political campaigns online

Ok, not much to say here apart from pls download and read this, and let us know what you think.

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More from our classified files – New allegations target Vice President

The Nearly Eight month old Vice President of the Delhi office, Vikram Sivaramakrishnan is now embroiled in a new controversy, after the our stringers sent us photographs of the Delhi operations head dancing in what appeared to be really absurd dance sequences. The dance steps have been traced to 1970's senseless bollywood flicks. If the allegations prove correct, Sivaramakrishan could risk his chance of entering the next webchutney party.

Our stringrs claim Vikram practised for two days with his colleagues before the office party, with one witness telling our stringers “he was out of control”. Reportedly he knocked off speakers and monitors at the production floor while swinging many times like a idiot at the rehersals. “You could tell Vikram had never danced before,” it has been reported a witness as saying. “And at the party, he grabbed a glass of vodka and a lighter and 'thought' he exactly knew what to do.”

He looked just as natural with “bad ass dancing” as he does presenting ideas to clients.

The scandal doesn't stop there, the our stringers also claimed that Vikram attempted to strike a deal for the damaging photos to be destroyed, including offering the stringer lucrative incentives at the job. This is not the first time Vikram has been in trouble with the office law; just last month he was warned by the Chairman of unpaid forced leaves for a month for cracking 20 PJs (that really stank) in 30 minutes of a creative briefing.
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We have reached out to him for comments and will keep you posted.

Evidence below.
Vikram Sivaramakrishnan: The don

Vikram Sivaramakrishnan: The Naagin

Vikram Sivaramakrishnan: Singh is kingg


Quote of the Week: Straight from the Gut from our Chairman

So its only a very few times the man pictured in the photograph is known to speak. He is by the way, Sudesh Samaria, Co Founder and National Creative Director at the agency.
Sudesh Samaria

Overheard in a 1 hour meeting today on delegating tasks comes a one line executive summary.

“Bhim Ko Talwar Doge to woh apne Go-de kaat lega”.

Dont give Bhim a sword (instead of a his Gada, his weapon), lest he will cut his own knees (while fooling around with it)

A new way to say – Dont let a boy do a mans job. Pretty cool, its the old cliche with a new flavor. Much like the advertising we all produce!

Finally, a webchutney tribute to Raza

p>Remember the Star Wars Kid phenomenon which started when a 14 year old kid Raza filmed himself wielding a golf ball retriever like a lightsaber in a similar fashion to that of Darth Maul?

After years of doing some crazy viral marketing campaigns, we thought we should put a small book together and pay a tribute to him (the accidental king of

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Shweta Bhandari from the Delhi office put the note together, Sushil “Count on me” Kumar helped design it. Let us know what you think!

You could directly download the paper from here Its a 3 something mb pdf btw.

New fugly homepage

On the getting more social thing, we have launched a new homepage, which looks really fugly but surely is a lot more 'social'. Apart from twitter, we figured the best way to keep everyone posted about our press coverage was by using delicious

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rather than a typical CMS. With Nidhi gone, its a little tough to keep aggregating all this attention we get from media you see :-)
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Do give feedback on the homepage. Actually, dont. Just see if you are interested in following us on twitter.


Getting more social

ok, so we just reactivated the webchutney twitter account with a little help from Saket.
Also, last week got an ex-colleague Akhil to give me admin access to our facebook group…. the question i am grappling with is what 'really fun' can we do with it… guess it will take a easy weekend to figure that out.
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In the meantime, ideas are welcome…