Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Fiery Friday

This Friday was exceptionally sizzling and to beat Dilli ki Sardi we had invited Mr. Aag Baboola. You can see below Samar Abbas welcoming Mr.Aag Baboola.

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Bienvenue à Webchutney

With arms wide open, under the sunlight; welcome Rucha. Yes our new design intern has a designer name. Any gaaaasesss? (Read “guesses?”) Okay, I would let her answer that. Read on.

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Welcome onboard!

1. What is your full name! (First second third fourth…..last name)
2. When is your birthday? Also mention your zodiac sign; we don’t quite like Linda Goodman you see. (Don’t expect any gifts though, this is just a formality)
3. What school, what college (if any) and la la blah blah)