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A day in the life of #CommunityManager

The dictionary defines a Community Manger as someone who builds and monitors multiple communities generated in blogs, forums, social networks, and is the certified voice of the company. But at Webchutney, you know we don’t follow rules right? We make them! Let’s take a look at our very own Community Manager (who refuses to be a typecast) and her daily account of activities, from the bird’s own eyes. Continue reading

Mind yo language!

Unlike the well-known corporate jargons like SOD, COB, FBS, Webchutney has its own language that is exclusive to its fauj (the Webchutney army i.e.). Here, we have the freedom to talk in a manner that’s most comfortable to us and we speak a language that no other company has the license to. Get set to witness a whole new Webchutney phraseology as we open our chutney dictionary today and decode some of our favorite words and their informally-defined meanings. You might wanna take a leaf out of it!

‘Scene ho gaya

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Firsts are always Special

Ashima interned with us this summer. She is 19, studies journalism, and sleeps a lot. She is the guest blogger of the week and has chronicles of Webchutney to share.
12th April 2011
My bag consisted of a green file, a comb and my wallet apart from two sheets of paper which were most relevant for the day-My CV. It was my first interview. I was late.

I reached at 4.30 in the evening and was made to wait for about 15 minutes. I was done by 4.55 PM. You can imagine what must have happened. I was late for an interview when I was applying for the post of an intern. But they think beyond your imagination. That’s what makes Webchutney the ideal place for me.

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