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Fuzzy Duck.. Duckyy Fuzz.. FUCK the DUCK*!!

< *just before you start.. it's gonna be a long long post.. please grab your caffeine dose for the day*>

This is exactly how the Webchutney’s Servicing^ trip can be described best as… No one had any clue what to expect; as our Exec. Creative Director had shared this Art of Servicing book just a week before. Freshers suspected a viva.. well there was something else in store.. something more fun – THE FUZZY DUCK!!

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The wicked Webchutney ‘Keme’ Contest is here! Participate Now!!

Be kind, Rewind!

Every once a while, a hero emerges… who gets trapped smack-in-the-middle of crazy whacky stuff @Webchutney. Enter Kima, a.k.a our Creative Trailblazer who's inspired the 'Keme' contest.

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Yep, he's the 'Flying One' in all the photographs. Incidentally, he's a hero back home. Read all about him here.

When Vishnu and Nihal (both Copywriters) struck gold with one of Kima's old photographs caught in an awkward pose, they went beserk. What else would you expect?! :D And here's the result of wild untamed creative ingenuity thrown open at you.

You may be the king of wit or the queen of badass, who knows. But can you live up to our challenge? And oh! Kima's also participating. There you go, we just raised the bar, higher!

That's okay dude, but Wtf is 'Keme'?

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