A happy new year is..

..when the management sponsors a pizza party where 26 pizzas and a ton of garlic bread and a copious amount of soda are consumed the day after new years’. And no one bothers to take a picture for this blog because everyone was too busy stealing the pepperoni pizza which happened to be in short supply!! But then pizza happens to be complete wholesome food and I can’t hold the not picture taking against anyone. Oh then, for some reason that is not clear to me till now, money was gifted to people. Yep just like that. A bunch of lucky buggers happened to have their names drawn out of a paper bag and were handed money. Agencies get loopy the day after people return from drunker revelry I think.

Anyhoo, It was a good start. Happy new year to you too!

P.S: Slice of Italy has a lot to thank us for.

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    Hey, Happy New Year to the whole…WC team…

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