We are an interactive agency trying to lose the agency label in our quest to become more than one, which will perhaps explain that tagline up there.

Since 1999, the year when Webchutney came along, we have been doing all kinds of online advertising for clients that seem to like the work we do for them. Amen to that.

This sweatshop runs out of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. It is quite likely that still more people have joined since we last bothered to count so a reliable employee count is not possible anymore, but we may have hit over 200 by now.

What else can we tell you about us?

In early 2006, we helped incubate and form JuxtConsult, an online research firm. The same year, we helped one of our content champions, Rajesh Barnwal, put together a great blog on the internet industry called Alootechie. We also incubated NetworkPlay, the number 1 adnetwork in India (or so we believe). Its obvious there is more to come in the near future. The internet opportunity is quite exciting, yet has a lot of mediocrity that we can help fix.

A couple of years back, Capital18, invested in us. We hope we make them proud if they already aren’t.

And yes, we like lunching together because it is all mayhem and madness and food disappears with astonishing speed. It is a spectacle, really.

We enjoy breaking into a song and dance atleast once during the day as it keeps us agile to go back and plonk in front of the computer for more slavery.

For the last few years, we have possibly hauled up the maximum number of awards than any other digital agency in India

And this is our favorite song, ever.