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So, around a month ago, it was probably Kite mating season, and these two lovely kites decided to grace Webchutney Mumbai office by building a cute nest at the far corner of our office terrace. At first we were like “awwwe… choo chweeet”.

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Lonavala: Creative Weekend Workshop

Ask people who work in the advertising industry what their favourite TV show is, and many would say “Mad Men”.

For those of you who haven’t watched Mad Men yet, the drama series is about an American advertising agency (Sterling Cooper) set in the 60s. The show revolves around the Creative Director Don Draper and how the company would deal with clients and briefs (and their personal lives) during that era. The show deservingly won the Golden Globe Award for best Television Series (Drama) – 2008, 2009 and 2010.

What I love about the show is the way Don Draper would tackle briefs and how these Ad people in the show would be chain smoking and drinking right in office as they discussed about work. Such things are not possible today for the obvious reasons (Oh here’s a trivia – In the TV show Mad Men, all the people smoke all the time, but since they (actors) are not allowed to

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smoke cigarettes in the film studio according to California Law, they are actually smoking herbal cigarettes on the sets!)

Mad Men
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Recently, a Mad Men kinda work environment happened to us too…

For two entire days (Saturday and Sunday), the Creative Department from our Mumbai office went to Lonavala for a Workshop – A creative brainstorming session!

It was one of the most memorable weekend vacations I ever had.

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