Crowned for Excellence – Webchutney is Agency of the Year!

At the Olive Crown Awards held in Mumbai recently, the weight of all the metal won literally turned us into a “coolie”! The event was conducted by India chapter of International Advertising Association (IAA-IC) at Mumbai, for excellence in Green Advertising.

We made a ‘Green Carpet’ entry to the venue and walked away with 4 Golds and 1 Silver award! The showstopper at the awards ceremony was our digital campaign for NokiaI Recycle my Phone. Nokia won Gold for ‘Green brand of the Year’ and the campaign fetched another Gold in the ‘Digital’ category. It also won Silver in ‘Campaign of the Year’ category. The supremely talented folks who worked on the campaign include, Gurbaksh Singh, Sattvik Mishra, Abhishek Saxena, Bhupesh Lohani and Sayak Basu. But it doesn't end here, not just yet.

Abhishek Saxena won ‘Young Green Art Director of the Year’ for the same campaign. Soon as news of victory broke to him, eyewitnesses and onlookers claim that the elated young designer (known for his usually cool & calm temperament) erupted like a hormone-crazed volcano yelling 'ab meri shaadi pakki, saalon' (I’m gonna get married now, bitches!) on repeat mode. As congratulatory calls poured in, he was seen wiping tears of joy, grinning ear to ear with a dangerously edgy look of satisfaction on his face. Even Einstein was half-crazy, you know!

Towards the end of the glorious evening, everyone waited with baited breath for that one final announcement that would set off the crowds in a tizzy. Whispers and murmurs of “Who could it be? Is it them? No it's us fo sho, man” floated around moments before the “Agency of the Year” was announced. And of course Yours Truly walked away with it! :D

The insanely delighted Creative Director at Webchutney, Gurbaksh Singh, had to be grabbed and calmed down for a quick quote.

“Oops we did it again!” was all he gasped with a sheepish grin on his face.

2012 was off to a great start with Webchutney winning 'Agency of the Year' title at WAT Awards in January. And, winning 'Agency of the Year’ at Olive Crown was the cherry on the cake!

Thank you Olive Crown Awards for honoring our hard work and kudos to the team for pulling off yet another kick ass victory!

Stay tuned for more excitement and disruption coming soon from your favorite digital agency!