15 Response to “First Day First Show – Webchutney Showreel

  1. Abhsihek

    This is freakin’ awesome. All our hard work, finally woven….

    Sexy execution, I must say.

  2. says:

    great show reel but no kingfisher,colors
    i worked on them ;-(

  3. says:

    Excellent showreel guys!!! Keep up the good work.
    The website i listed in my link is something i have conceptualized.

  4. Sahil Singh

    Awesome work!!
    Love the way you’ve woven it all together!
    @ Siddarth: Missed u at Srijan’09 last Sunday, thanks for helping us out and sending Aproov instead!

  5. Kedar

    Cool stuff…..i liked the way its executed, u guys covered almost all the things executed so far. great stuff…. cool way to showcase credentials.
    Great work guys…..keep up the good work. love u all….

  6. daddhu patel (the gujjar boy)

    bahut achha hai. sab vodka peeke kiya hai na? pata hai hamein…

  7. Shweta

    its the music… spot on and very infectious! 2009 just started again with a fresh beat!!!! looking forward to lots more…

  8. sawrub


  9. KABIR

    Gooood… yeah its sounds cool and the whole concept is young, fresh and hip! All the Best guys, if this is what you do, you are the MASTERS of your art, hats off! and especially to the hard working team who slog their a** off everyday! Hope this year you achieve new heights and stir the chutney in a way that Web asks for more… :)

  10. Bikash

    Creativity at its best. Beautiful!

  11. Jay

    awesome work guys ! more power to you

  12. Madhu Balakrishnan

    Awesome…true chutney style

  13. says:

    it’s too good, excellent creativity.

  14. Sangram singh

    Seen your BaatMaan viral for Gaadi.com. It was awesome. Good work

  15. says:

    Awesome video ! :)

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