Firsts are always Special

Ashima interned with us this summer. She is 19, studies journalism, and sleeps a lot. She is the guest blogger of the week and has chronicles of Webchutney to share.
12th April 2011
My bag consisted of a green file, a comb and my wallet apart from two sheets of paper which were most relevant for the day-My CV. It was my first interview. I was late.

I reached at 4.30 in the evening and was made to wait for about 15 minutes. I was done by 4.55 PM. You can imagine what must have happened. I was late for an interview when I was applying for the post of an intern. But they think beyond your imagination. That’s what makes Webchutney the ideal place for me.

The initial period of that 15 minutes’ time lag was spent looking at the several desktop print screens of amazing websites printed on the wall. Then I suddenly spotted a door. It was merging so well with the wall that it was difficult to crack. But it really intrigued me for some reason. [I later found out that it led to the T.T Table. I have a knack for finding amazing stuff. It also led to Sidharth Sir and Sudesh sir’s room btw. You’re never supposed to be there, apparently.]

During the interview, I was asked a few basic questions by their Senior Copywriter, Sattvik. I couldn’t get over the fact that he was the senior copywriter! He’s in his 20’s! Anyway, I love how he never wastes time. 10 minutes, and the interview was over and I had with me”two months of learning experience at Webchutney. If your taste buds crave for creativity, I'd suggest that you try them out. They definitely got their recipes right.

For more on things that I learnt at Webchutney, Stay tuned to your mixer grinder.

P.S. Kindly do not blame me for any consequences that you might have to face for being late. I’m an original admirer of the concept of sleep and hence get away with it. Also, I’m only 19.

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  1. says:

    The excitement is almost tangible. As it has been, for the two months that you interned there.
    Love the post!

  2. poonam

    the excitement while doing your first internship is always incomparable specially ,, when you intern in your interest area .
    i liked the post too :)

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