Fuzzy Duck.. Duckyy Fuzz.. FUCK the DUCK*!!

<*just before you start.. it’s gonna be a long long post.. please grab your caffeine dose for the day*>

This is exactly how the Webchutney’s Servicing^ trip can be described best as… No one had any clue what to expect; as our Exec. Creative Director had shared this Art of Servicing book just a week before. Freshers suspected a viva.. well there was something else in store.. something more fun – THE FUZZY DUCK!!

So what is this Fuzzy Duck? Fuzzy Duck is what we would name this trip where all the different avatars of Chutneyites came oozing out!

The trip started with the happiest looking faces on the 5th floor& of Webchutney Bombay** office. The happiness could easily be compared to the ones you see on POW’s faces when they are released after years of relentless torture. It definitely was the most enthralling experience for them seeing us out by 5pm. So there we go. Nishi Kant – our Executive Creative Director – The man responsible for stuffing me with all the ladies on our way to lonavala(not that I am complaining :P) – it actually made onlookers wonder what a player I was when we got out of the car for a leak-break. I’m loving it!!

This is what i was talking about! :)
This is what i was talking about! :)
The Ladieezzzz
The Ladieezzzz

As we were about to reach, came in the news that the last lot – Punkaj Saini$ & boys were still in office as he was stuck in some big-ass meeting, getting in some moolah. The first lot had already reached and were 3 down by the time me & ladies(I am so loving it as I type) reached. Freshers believed he’s gonna ask some questions based on the book. Well the questions did come in.. but not really by the book –

“Kya peeyega Behen@#$%??”

“Saaley sirf juice maarega, daru nahi??”

Before we go any further I would like to highlight a personal achievement here – a nice 20m reverse on an effing national highway! :D OK now we can go ahead..

As soon as we reached all we had to do was change into our night suits, pick up a glass, pour a drink and CHILL! As we spoke like we knew everything and anything on this planet Earth there was someone who reached before the last lot – the very cool Black Cat! She was the one who never gave up and kept a very watchful eye on us – making sure no one drinks more than the other’s capacity :P

3 down!
3 down!

Then finally comes in the last lot. We were all very sure Samir made Vijay make a proposal on their way to lonavala^^. The new boy made a killer entry – changed to his shorts, came in with glass filled with transparent liquid looked more like “poor guy is so tired, finally a glass of water for him”. With Nishi asking him “Saaley sirf paani piyega?” he smiles and replies “Vodka hai, neat!” Nishi’s eyes pops out; so does the word “NICEEEEE!!!!”

While the new guy was busy gulping down neat shots; Samir came up with the Eureka moment of the trip. 5 magic words set the mood “Let’s play Fuzzy Duck game”! Well with everyone struggling to keep up with the fuzzy duck game, Punkaj was happy-high with 2 red-bulls cans emptied.

The man everyone's talking about!
The man everyone’s talking about!

Everyone gradually started crashing post some awesome dinner; we decided otherwise. Cards it was & flash was the game. Everyone checks in with tokens worth 20 bucks and that was the last time all of us saw some money in our hands. Came in the devil – Yash; the solitudinarian that he is when it comes to making money was a complete one-man-show winning everything that was there on offer. Finally we decided it call it a day after some immoderate laughter during the ghost stories session which ended at about 5 am.

Gone in a flash!
Gone in a flash!
Money gulper
Money gulper

Then the next big thing happened on a lovely Saturday morning. PAINT-BALL! The intensity on the field was nothing less than one could experience on an actual field. My team with Gautam leading the pack and big players like Nishi & Punkaj was the clear favorite. However, some high-energy action from Samir, Vijay, Yash very well complimented with Neha & Vidhi were anything but underdogs. Though we won the capture the flag contest; they very well made sure we run out of bullets to emerge victorious in the Last Man Standing Contest. Prime highlights can be seen in the pictures with some really good head-shots courtesy Samir & Vijay%.

Timeout then majorly comprised of chilled beer, good food again and some hard-core art of chilling. The evening was well spent as we drove around passing a million maganlal chikki marts to find the one, only and infamous COOPER CHIKKI. After which we drove up to Tiger Point, where it was chilly cold and there were more than a million stars (A sight all Bombayites would truly appreciate). As we reached, Chotta Sandeep, followed us till we got a parking spot and sorted us out with Chai and chairs as we chilled, froze literally as we took in the sight, it was beautiful and so peaceful. All we had to do “CHOTTTAAA SANDEEPPPP!!”and that light footed guy was up there with his top-notch service.

The night was very well complimented with smooth vodka, whisky whatever we could lay our hands on and of course the chilled weather which made sure that even the macho-est of us had to grab a blanket. Multiple games of rummy were played we here everyone’s “Integrity”*** remained intact. Following which the most scrumptious meal of the trip was eaten. Nishi’s special chicken curry which we had with Dal Chawal, it was hot, spicy and flavorful – just how we like it.

There couldn’t have been a better end to the trip, with the garma garam chicken curry, sipping on our drinks and playing cards under the stars. The house was perfect, it wasn’t too crowded, the balcony area was perfect for are evening chilling scenes, but most of all the people made this trip. Whether it was Samir’s integrity or Thana’s Cooper Chikki or Simreen’s hazaar pictures or crazy team versus team paint-ball it was the entire servicing team coming together, kicking back, and chilling the weekend away.


* No duck was hurt, killed or fucked during this trip. The phrase FUCK the DUCK is completely fictional and Webchutney does not endorse any sexual assaults on ducks

^ Rare species which are hated on the 5th floor of Webchutney. They normally believe entering the conference on their floor requires an IQ of about 110+

& Consists of people who really don’t really love the rare species we just mentioned. Though they have extremely high creative quotient; still are quite apprehensive to come on the 4th floor as they believe servicing is a blood sucking species.

** I personally like calling it Bombay. Anyone who finds that offending – “Kiss my ASS”!

$ the man known for his crazy-ass driving. It is a known fact that he can park 2 cars in a mere 50sq.ft space. His love for Axure# is well known.

# Killer software which everyone from the species mentioned above tried their hands on. In fact Tushar went a step ahead a created a beta site on it to know the client was just playing around with little ass.

^^ I am sure Vijay just nodded.

% We did give them back; with Samir going home with a bleeding finger and Ramprasad(name changed) getting one right besides his balls.

@ Word hot clearly signifies the temperature at which it was cooked

*** A rare quality assumed to be lacking in Agencies


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