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So, around a month ago, it was probably Kite mating season, and these two lovely kites decided to grace Webchutney Mumbai office by building a cute nest at the far corner of our office terrace. At first we were like “awwwe… choo chweeet”.

And then slowly, like the ungrateful hot-blooded carnivores that they are, they started “marking their territory”. First, they started attacking anybody who wandered near the section of our terrace where their nest was situated. Then slowly, they started expanding their Kite-dom and we, the dominant species, were pushed back further and further. Currently, even if you're just standing near the terrace door, without even stepping on the terrace, you'll get a claw to the face. #faceclaw

And the worst part is… they ate all the pigeons who were living on our terrace peacefully! Tikku, Chikku, Mikku, Pikku, Nikku… they're all gone now… smiling down upon us from bird Heaven. You'll all be remembered, my fair feathered friends.

We're just waiting for the young kites to grow up, learn how to fly and then migrate wherever the hell they're supposed to. Otherwise if they're not planning to move somewhere else soon, then these birds of prey better pray… because they don't know who they're dealing with!!! We can create a website about kites filled with flashing lightning background gif, marquee text effects and javascript blinking texts that uses only comic sans fonts and is compatible only with IE 6 and below, such that every kite around the world will die of utter embarrassment. Seriously kites, don't mess with us!

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  1. Zakk Sangkima

    hahahahhaha Nicely written great ending. made me laugh out loud.

  2. Chanda

    Simple and sweet

  3. says:

    lolz, thankyou, my namesake :D

  4. kavya

    lol :) ;-) superb …but so sad of Tikku, Chikku, Mikku, Pikku, Nikku.. :-( .. inform when you get rid of these ungrateful hot blooded carnivores :-p


  5. AJ

    What a kitenama! Louudddd it :D

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