Of wallpapers and feminism

A client services person (identity withheld intentionally) at Mumbai just forwarded me this picture to go up on the blog.

The person didnt tell me the actual 'reason' to post it, so i guess i will just introduce the subject of this picture. Meet Kedar Nimkar, star creative guy (the dude who did the new Kingfisher Airlines UX recently), casual photographer and with great taste in women is featured below next to his fancy workstation.

(Kedar – When you see this, dont be pissed and do forward me the wallpaper mate!)

On a side note, Just as i write this, i am thinking, maybe we will see some feminist sort of reactions from people who may read the blog (not sure how many still are, the urchin acct has been acting up). But i am no mood to think of any of that right now. I will take my chances.

i do remember reading that its possible that one “one almost can’t be a feminist without being anti pornography. Oh, and that lesbians who don’t hate porn probably aren’t lesbians.”

(Disclaimer – reminding everyone – I didnt say that, but surely found it hilarious…)


And while we are on the subject, have you seen the Ali G video on feminism. Buwahahahahahaha!

2 Response to “Of wallpapers and feminism

  1. Client Services Person

    Lets just clarify this once and for all…All chutney men read with eyes wide open!

    “Feminism is the belief in the right of women to have political, social, and economic equality with men. It is a discourse that involves various movements, theories, and philosophies which are concerned with the issue of gender difference, advocate equality for women, and campaign for women’s rights and interests.” – Wiki

    And if I may spk for all the chutney women out there…every single one of us qualifies…you’ve been warned!

  2. sawrub

    khekhekhe that’s Karima Adebibe aka lara croft eh? I want the wallpaper too. :D

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