We all love to love Roger Federer. A shining beacon of athletic achievement and sportsmanship, he is the quintessential Good Guy Greg of Tennis. We just had to give him a kick-ass Chutney tribute.

So, on the 28th of December, 2012, we released The Life and Times of Roger Federer, a graphic novel for iOS to celebrate his life and stellar sports career.

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Our Crappiest Idea Yet

Webchutney is proud to present 'Peeloo'- an Interactive Loo Service.

You saw a glimpse of this at the Yahoo hack, but the real deal is live now. What we've tried to build (and succeeded) is an interactive loo service which removes the queue from the loo.

Sounds Interesting?

Here's how it works

This project took months of research, testing, development and hits

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& misses to come up with, and we are glad today to have succeeded in doing the same. We are sure that this is only the beginning in experiential digital advertising from the house of webchutney.

Big Shout out to the team that made this possible

Gurbaksh, Abhishek Saxena, Hemant, Mandeep, Akshay Raheja and Sattvik!

Check the website out here


Our Chutney brings all the boys to the yard

So you’ve probably read about us recently. Here’s our official response.

Over the last decade or so we've made WebChutney into something we're all very proud of. We've built an impressive client roster (Airtel, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Unilever to name a few), our talent is fantastic and we're growing like a virus. So naturally, all the boys are in the yard. And we're loving it. Its great fun being the prettiest girl in the room, all the compliments, the wooing, we're thrilled that we're finally getting the respect we've worked hard to earn. The thing is though, this has been happening for quite a while. Of course we'll go on a few dates with every one of our suitors because all of them are pretty

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amazing. It’s an honor to be considered by the biggest agency networks in the world. But it’s too early for

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us to take a decision & settle down.

So don't believe everything you read in the news about us. When we're ready to make a commitment we'll shout it out from the rooftops. Meanwhile, watch our latest sexy move.


6 Success Mantras for Digital Agencies

The digital industry has seen an explosive growth over the last few years, and 2013 is set to be an exciting year. Digital marketers can no longer view their contribution to a brand as a means to end. They need to take risks, be innovative and prove to be a brand’s most valuable partner.

There is no ‘golden rule book’ that guides us to achieve the same, but having worked with one of the best digital agencies in the country, here are some of the things I picked up along the way…

Tell everyone you’re an agency, but act like a startup
The great thing about being the guys who straddle technology and artistry is that you can build stuff for brands. Learn from tech startups how they do it. Take more risks, create a culture of innovation, be faster and leaner, and learn to launch in beta. In fact, teach your clients about it. Brands are hardwired against the ‘iteration’, but tech startups know better than anyone that a product is never really ‘finished’ and iterative development helps ensure it stays relevant.

We recently worked with a financial brand to create a digital travel experience that has seen over three iterations in the duration it’s been live. We’ve been learning from customer experiences, independent research and our own observations to consistently improve what has now become an owned asset for the brand.

Ideas are important, but Skill is critical

In a digital world, where anything seems possible, everyone has ideas. But only few have the skill to execute. Invest in getting the most skilled guys to produce your idea as much as you would in finding the best thinkers. And I don’t mean just the technologists. Digital agencies often tend to make do with anyone who can barely string together a sentence or make collages on photoshop. You need artists, writers, scientists, and engineers. People, who will obsess about a missing comma, spend hours searching for the right font or throw a fit about an inelegant line of code. Those are the guys who will take you to Cannes.

To coninue reading , visit


Webchutney and Pepe jeans present an f1 gaming contest powered by the f1 key

What if you could be a part of the Formula One excitement by simply pressing the F1 key on your keyboard?

Pepe Jeans and Webchutney present 'One with F1'- A Formula One themed gaming contest application for all the speed freaks out there who want a piece of the racing action.' The application consists of 4 mini-games that tests users on their speed, racing knowledge, reflexes and timing.'And of course, each of these games starts by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard!

What makes this even more exciting is that the winners stand a chance to win the grand prize 'main grand stand tickets to the Indian Grand Prix along' with official Red Bull Racing Merchandise and a chance at a pit-stop tour!

Here's a look at the 4 mini-games.

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Now Hiring : Sr UI Developer in New Delhi

We're looking for a Sr UI developer to join our Delhi design team. If you think you have what it takes

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then this is your chance to use your UI skills for some of the biggest brands in the country. Mail your resume to samar(dot)abbas(at)webchutney(dot)net if you think you fit the bill and please do read “thisbefore applying.

Position- Senior UI developer

Relevant Work Experience- 3 to 6 years

Description- Design and maintain websites in XHTML and CSS. Update websites and fix bugs from time to time. Create menus, image galleries, animations, graphics etc in order to make the user experience as interesting as possible.

Requirements – Sufficient expertise in design softwares including HTML5, CSS3, Dreamweaver, Javascript, Phtotshop and Jquery is compulsory.


And The WINNER Of Yahoo Agency Hack 2012 Is – WEBCHUTNEY!

Yahoo organized it's first ever Agency Hack in Delhi this weekend. This highly competitive 24 hour hack-a-thon witnessed teams of designers, developers, digital strategists and techies battle it out to come up with an innovative hack and then transform the idea into a functional prototype in just a day.

After hours of finger tapping, head scratching and coding, WEBCHUTNEY walked away

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with gold and won a chance to represent India at the International Agency Hack!

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Now Hiring In New Delhi

It's hiring season at Webchutney!

Take a peek at the roles below and don't be afraid to pass them on if you know some awesome people who might be right for us.

You can email us for detailed job descriptions or if interested send your resumes with a covering note to, and remember to read “thisbefore applying

These are just's a few of our current openings so stay tuned for more!

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The Next Big Thing- Digital Wallets

So here's the first in our brand new series of posts designed to keep you updated with the latest technologies in the digital space.

We begin with the next big thing in digital retail- Digital Wallets.

How much simpler would life be if instead of hunting through your wallet for credit cards, coupons, gift certificates, plane tickets, membership cards and receipts, you could simply tap your phone to a terminal. All the necessary information would load automatically, and then you'd confirm your identity with a thumbprint or PIN.

Well, as wonderful as that sounds, unfortunately, we're not entirely there yet but the pieces are slowly coming together. The launch of Apples Passbook last week has added to an already long list of existing digital wallet services.

So, what exactly is a digital wallet?

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Now Hiring: Art Director in Mumbai

We're looking for a talented Art Director in Mumbai, with a background/keen interest in gaming. Mail your resume to  sumeet(dot)basak(at)webchutney(dot)net if eligible and interested. Continue reading ‘Now Hiring: Art Director in Mumbai’
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