Pataka Time!

As is the tradition, this year too Diwali at Webchutney was very bright, just like us! And decently loud, just like us! And extremely crazy, yes yes, just like us!
At Delhi, the Pooja was to start at 9, like sharp 9. And it did at 10.30 like sharp 10.30. Which made a few (because there were a few) of the early ones angry and understandably sleepy.

Panditji didn’t really mind the sleepers for it gave him leeway to improvise, not like we know what he was saying anyway.

Meanwhile the smoke let a few of us sneak out in search of Bijli Bombs. The ones who stayed behind discovered what the pooja was all about in the first place… Tear gas!

There were strings of lights all over. Like all over! But I’m sure it wasn’t bright enough to blind anyone, so Ankita here was probably just soaking in the sight it was, mann ki aankhon se.

There was a lot of food on the terrace, and it was very good too. But how Samar seems to disapprove is a little worrying now!

Anyway, food and fatakas! (I know its Patakas, alliteration just happens to be fun!) Time for Bijli bombs, and anaars and rockets. However, what we learnt this Diwali is how to NOT

light an Anaar:

or a Rocket:

And just how to be a Phuljharri with one in your hand:

Be Jeetendra This Diwali! Because it’ll be very hard to justify that any other day.

Ta thaya ta thaya hoooo!!

Meanwhile in Mumbai, we got REALLLY dressed and posed.


Okay, Jonathan also tried an A-La Durga for Diwali pooja.
Admire now!

See, we even made you a rangoli:
Admire that?

Fine don’t! We followed this up with a wild wild party and a whooole lot of booze to make up for it.

Hope you had a greaaat Diwali too!