Media Buying And Planning

We create strong brand experiences and increase marketing efficiencies.

An average Internet user spends 69 minutes online out of which 45 minutes are devoted to websites other than the largest portals. It is this time that is most suited for engaging the customer’s attention in a meaningful way. Our “unusual suspects” strategy is what we employ to connect to the wandering user who can become an online consumer any given moment.

We buy media across quality websites, which command loyal audiences irrespective of their uncommon nature. These could range from a lyrics site to a recipe one and from a gaming site to a weather one. What binds them together is that they prominently figure in the consumer’s daily dose of virtual. Your message is contextually targeted with keen thought to each website’s user base. So your advertising stands on ground which is most frequented and thus it is better noticed.

Our clients span across categories Financial Services, Telecom, IT, FMCG. We currently work with leading companies like Microsoft, HP, Intel, ICICI Bank, HSBC, Citibank, for their internet marketing needs.

We are arguably the largest lead generation company in the region and yes also an Google Adwords Qualified Company.

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