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Fuzzy Duck.. Duckyy Fuzz.. FUCK the DUCK*!!

<*just before you start.. it’s gonna be a long long post.. please grab your caffeine dose for the day*>

This is exactly how the Webchutney’s Servicing^ trip can be described best as… No one had any clue what to expect; as our Exec. Creative Director had shared this Art of Servicing book just a week before. Freshers suspected a viva.. well there was something else in store.. something more fun – THE FUZZY DUCK!!

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The Sun, The Sand, The Summit!

The internationally popular iMedia Brand Summit was held in India for the first time ever and we were there! Not only was it a power-packed conference comprising of senior marketing professionals and veterans from the digital industry, the gorgeous locales of Goa also helped us relax, converse and network at ease. Organized under the aegis of , this event's unique format, itinerary and discussion topics, across a span of 3 days resulted in a buzz-filled atmosphere and certainly left each of us more knowledgeable than before.

If you happened to miss out on all that took place at the Summit, we’ve got the lowdown for you. While the event comprised of multiple sessions- from breakfast presentations to keynotes to panel discussions, here’s our take on what got us thinking.

Webchutney Report: Inside the Mind of a ‘Wired’ Mobile Phone Buyer

We published the third report in the vertical/industry specific series, this time focusing on the current mobile phone market in India.

The report highlights the usage, attitudes, behaviour and media preferences of mobile phone users online and stresses on the role of the internet in guiding and driving their purchase decisions.

Some of our key findings show that the penetration of mobile phones amongst Indians (overall) is 26%, while that amongst online Indians is a whopping 95%.

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