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Did I tell you about the time we got hacked?

It’s been a long long time. It’s just that nothing really happened you know. But something did happen as I found out. The pretty header art I was so proud of is gone and I have been told that for a while last week, this blog was not even visible and had been run over by the Chinese language. I hate to say it but we were hacked for a while and man, I didn’t even know about it. Blog gods are very upset with me. But then good in the world prevailed and Saket, our one post hero from a long time ago got us back. Our look’s changed, yes and we are now on the latest WordPress version and I’m running in all directions for a new theme because the old one had infact become ancient. So bear with us and our boring blue header till we come back with shiny new header art.

Oh, we have a new branch head in the Delhi office and I’ll tell you or whatever is left of you, all about it tomorrow.