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Case Study: Jaago Re – Tata Tea

Tata Tea launched their Jaago Re – meaning 'Wake Up' – TV campaign in an effort to wake up an apathetic nation to the issues that affect it, literally stirring up a storm in a teacup. After successfully drawing attention to important issues, it was time to empower India by simplifying socially responsible action. Continue reading ‘Case Study: Jaago Re – Tata Tea’

Case Study: Indian Hatke League – Virgin Mobile

We wanted to promote Virgin Mobile’s whacky and youthful ‘think hatke’ (think different) ideology with real time engaging content online. The challenge was to make Virgin synonymous with everything whacky, different and interesting.

Case Study: Gillette 'Be A Winner' Campaign- Proctor & Gamble


To bring alive the positioning of the Red Gillette Winner Razor – Be a winner, challenge the world – through an interactive and viral campaign targeted at young men.
What attracts people about ‘winning’ is the fame, the admiration and the life of a winner. Who doesn’t want to see their face on a billboard or on the cover of a magazine? Gillette promises to give every man the confidence to ‘be a winner’ and through the campaign aims to provide a ‘preview’ of the winner life.