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Creative Sanitation, Webchutney Style

When you live in a billion-strong nation, that, sanitation is going to be a problem is a no-brainer. Quite possibly, we even have a Ministry for Health and Sanitation. Or, if we don't I assure you that its in the making.

They say part symbolizes whole, and whole symbolizes part. This couldn't be more true in the case of Webchutney, your friendly neighborhood Number 1 Digital Agency. For we too face the sanitation problem. Well, at least the male junta here (And if you are one of the sorts who needs to pee too often, you may bear that in mind in case you are thinking of joining us).

To elaborate, there are a grand total of 3 restrooms at the Webchutney offices in Mumbai:

  1. 5th floor, Clean but women only (at least until 9 p.m.)
  2. 2nd floor, Clean, unisex.
  3. 4.5th floor, Dirty, stinky and reserved for male use.

Now, given that all the cool population on the 5th floor is over 90% male, the dirty, stinky restroom between the 4th and 5th floors is always in high demand. For example, I could wager that its occupied right now as you are reading this. We just love it too much.

So what happens when some brave lad from Technology or Creative wishes to opt for instant weight loss and finds that paradise is occupied? There are, of course, two choices:

  1. Wait a while, and come back
  2. Gun for the unisex loo on the 2nd floor, and hope that its empty

This, of course, is a moment of indecision. Urgency and nature of weight loss desired are both important factors. And you never know how much time the bloke who got there before you is going to take to evacuate. Knocking of course, is impolite. You don't want to interrupt your colleague's hard fought moment of nirvana.

This issue has already caused enough heart burn, not to mention reduced work efficiency.

Enter Nishi Kant, our Creative Messiah. Like the rest of us, Nishi too hates moments of indecision. And while nothing can still be done about the dirt and the stinkiness, (yes, we have one of those 'maintenance chart' thingies inside but its largely for decorative purposes) Nishi did come up with a creative solution for tackling indecision:

Illuminated Restroom Occupancy Notifier

The Illuminated Restroom Occupancy Notifier

The IRON is a simple device which consists of three light bulbs, red, yellow and green on the outside of the john, with matching switches on the inside. The method of operation is simple: after you are in the can, switch on the red or yellow lights depending on the nature of your business; red for long ones, yellow for short. While exiting, always switch to the green light.

IRON, Empty

IRON, No 1

Iron, No 2

Thus, your colleagues can know from afar what to expect, without the effort of actually having to climb down the stairs and push against the door. The IRON is a beacon of hope and the information it transmits is very valuable when it comes to making the choice.

As a matter of fact, information is valuable when making any choice. Heck, this is an information economy. And Nishi is at the forefront.

All hail the messiah!