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Case Study: Impatient Ones Campaign – Airtel


With so much to see, do and download, the 'world wide wait' is (for sure) no longer cool. And with a multi-tasking, multi-media consuming generation that is glued to screens of various sizes and shapes, a fast broadband connection is mandatory. Airtel Broadband's The Impatient Ones campaign was born, as a result, to exemplify the new lifestyle of
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the youth. With up to 16 Mbps of broadband Internet service, Airtel feeds the need (for speed) of a whole new generation of web netizens, informally referred to as the Impatient Ones.

Our task was to launch India’s fastest DSL broadband connection by creating a digital campaign for the youth subscribing to an energetic, aggressive and restless lifestyle and generate buzz among the Target Group.
Strategy & Execution
Impatient Ones was a culmination of creativity, curiosity and connectivity, all of which plays an important role in our target audience's life. Mobile, always on the go, curious about life, they can't wait for things to happen; rather, they believe in making things happen. 'Right here, right now' is their mantra of life. Therefore, with the aim to connect with them at the right place and time, we launched the Impatient Ones campaign. The site featured four young achievers from various walks of life: an entrepreneur. scriptwriter, a musician and a video jockey. Their pages reflected their interests- pictures, downloads, videos, all presumably made simpler by using Airtel Broadband. A visitor to the website could interact with them and initiate 'real time' conversations with them, as well as with other visitors. What's more, he or she could download interesting stuff, watch viral videos (which were spoofs of Hindi movies in 30 seconds!), take a speed test and participate to become the '5th Impatient One'!
Result & Recognition
Within a week of the launch we created a hub for millions to connect, interact and share their thoughts with each other. Social media platforms were abuzz with the new talk of the town Impatient Ones . The best part: Impatient Ones set a new benchmark in the history of digital advertising in India, as it was the first campaign to have an 'online debut', followed by TV, Radio and Print promotion.
The campaign won a Silver at the international W3 Awards in the Best Online Campaign category.

Watch the Video Case Study here: