Webchutney Report: Inside the Mind of a ‘Wired’ Mobile Phone Buyer

We published the third report in the vertical/industry specific series, this time focusing on the current mobile phone market in India.

The report highlights the usage, attitudes, behaviour and media preferences of mobile phone users online and stresses on the role of the internet in guiding and driving their purchase decisions.

Some of our key findings show that the penetration of mobile phones amongst Indians (overall) is 26%, while that amongst online Indians is a whopping 95%.

72% of online mobile users have been using the Internet for 2 years or more and a major 87% log onto the net on a daily basis.

Also, it is interesting to note that the demand for mobile phones among current users is high as 8 out of 10 mobile phone owners intend to buy another one.
Another important finding was that a good majority of 89% mobile phone intenders online prefer to use the internet while researching information on mobile phones. This indicates a shift from typically trusted sources like Friends and family (62%) and Dealers/Mobile Phone Showrooms (53%). Search engines and consumer review websites are increasingly being consulted for mobile related information.

63% online mobile intenders admit to being influenced by mobile phone related views seen/read online and 71% online mobile intenders claim to have shared mobile phone related experiences themselves. It was found that price, features, accessories, offers/discounts and brands are frequent topics of discussions on the net amongst online mobile intenders and a majority 62% shared positive experiences online.

Mint covered the release of the report on the 26th of November.